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Thursday, December 23 1999-

I joined some webrings and fixed a major problem with the sidebar that I think was keeping this site from being indexed by the search engines. Vote for this site, from the webring link on the sidebar if you is not too important though, so do as you wish. I plan to dramatically increase the number of tilesets and RPG maker 95 paraphernalia at this site, and with this new modem it will be quite easy. Please E-MAIL ME ANY SUGGESTIONS OR REQUESTS FOR THIS SITE! (Or post it on the message board!) Sorry, but I really would enjoy some feedback from the visitors, it really influences how the site develops. Well, that is about it for now...Toodle oo





Tuesday, December 14 1999-

Okay, haven't written anything in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been updating! I just added a section on translated roms for the SNES and NES, so take a look in there for the translated final fantasy games 2-5, Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3), and in a little bit, Dragon warrior 5! There seems to have been some disputes over a mixed up beta patch, but the situation is clearing up. As well, when I get home today, my cable modem *SHOULD* be working (you wouldn't believe all the nonsense comcast put me through). Once it does work, the updating and expansion of this site should become MUCH easier, so look forward to that...Post ANY comments you have on the Message board, I check it twice a day. Toodle oo,


Tuesday, November 23 1999-

Hey, I've been updating a lot lately, but just forgot to write about it here. There's a new SNES emulator section, for those who need an emulator. I also fixed the RPG maker exe....there were a LOT of link problems I found as well. Fortunately, once I get my cable modem I will fix all this by moving the files to one reliable server. I plan to have a translation page up and running in time for the DRAGON QUEST 5 Translation, which should be very soon. So, I'll get back to uploading now. TTFN,



Tuesday, November 9 1999-

I just finished a major reorganization to most of this page. I decided on a final working layout for the navigation, repaired all the links ( I found that the hosting service I was using did not work whatsoever, so now all the files are relocated). As well, I added a lot of roms and submitted this again to most search engines (the previous time there was some sort of error with the address I believe.) As of this moment, altavista is the only engine that lists this site, and lowly ranked at that. However, this site has a lot of potential, I am sure that as time goes by it will expand and improve. One thing I need for this is visitor feedback, so feel free to post on the message board or send me and ICQ. I'm always looking for ways to improve the site.


Thursday, October 20 1999-

I just finished adding an emulator section and a utility section, since the roms need emulators to run and utilities are just generally useful. I also reorganized almost every page here with tables and other things, and submitted this site to quite a few search engines. There should be some more traffic here soon, to fill up some message boards and add content. So look forward to a better Robvault in a short while.



Wednesday, October 20 1999-

Wow, so many things have been changing about the page, I just decided to put off updating till I decided on a real layout....Shared borders are either going to make this exceedingly easy or tear this page apart...In other news, I think there will be a new updater here in a few days....Things are shaping up around here. Look forward to an expanded roms section, reorganized navbar, and perhaps even a library.



Thursday, September 28 1999-

Looks like the comcast engineers will have to dig  a large trench to my house, so the cable modem will take a bit longer than expected. I did however add all the necessary files to the RPG maker 95 page, and added a new ROM section for RPGs in general. I am thinking about adding a search engine and section-specific message boards to this site, I'll listen to any suggestions you might have. Also, I added a link above in case anybody wants to take up a position here as an updater or so forth...time to finish the roms section.



Tuesday, September 28 1999-

Wednesday. I forgot, the cable modem is being installed wednesday, not today. However, I just managed to get front page 2000 fully working with this web page, so updates should be a least in comparison to homesite 4.0. I do highly recommend Homesite 4.0 to anyone thinking about making a web page but can't go buying front page 2000 or this crazy sort of stuff. Hey, heres even a link to their homepage, since that program helped me make quite a few pages.

Saturday, September 25 1999-

Well, it looks like the cable modem I had requested will be installed tuesday, not today as I had hoped. So I will continue to work on this through the 56k modem at home and the T1 in my NJIT webmaster certification course at school...As for updates to this page, you may have noticed a small section added about RPG maker 95, a wonderful RPG editor that, of course, lets you make your own role playing games. Thanks to Don Miguel for the full english translation of this, and Kanjihack for their countless hours in starting and bringing this project almost to completion. Note: Download all you want, but webmasters, please, do not link directly to my files. It is a bother to upload them I know, but it really does slow down this site for everyone else. Thanks!


Thursday, September 23 1999-

Added a Dragon Warrior/Quest roms section and a background to this page...I had a lot of fun playing those games when I was little, and am quite pleased to see that Dragon Quest 7 will be released in english ( The first one in quite some time!). This layout seems alright for now,  though I plan to redesign a few times as the site progresses. It looks like there will be a section about DQ/DW soon, along with the current roms. Still thinkin about what to add, this site rather lacks content...At least for now.



Tuesday, September 21 1999-

Just started up the site today! Who knows what crazy places this venture will lead. Well, not much content here yet, better keep thinkin bout the layout, etc...Congrats to Grant, first to use my marvelous message board. Check back in a little bit everybody, I'll keep workin on it!

- Rob